Testing with sewage treatment plant

Imagine that an issue in development is like water that has to be purified, and our testing architecture or techniques are the purification machine.

If we do not purify or filter, the water will come with a big amount of waste. In order to have clean water to consume, it must go through a process of “filtering” step by step.


The same happens with the issue that we are developing. If we do not apply testing techniques and clean code, we will obtain a product with many residues (bugs, corner cases, dirty code, etc).

But we have to apply them from an early stage. So it is not correct doing testing once the issue is developed. The testing starts from the very beginning, defining the acceptance criterias, applying the different testing techniques during the development process.

In this way we will detect the “imperfections” in advance, and the delivery and deployment will be safer and faster avoiding the testing bottleneck.

A bit of dirty water can contaminate the entire pool in production, after that, ¿How could you find the drop that spoiled it all?